A Family Brand With Heart
Crafted In Melbourne

It all started with us - Anthony, Sherly, and Susan - three siblings from Melbourne, Australia, and our shared love of candles. During a particularly hectic time in our lives, when it seemed like we never had time for each other anymore, we decided to come together in a mutual hobby to try and reconnect.

Quickly, that hobby turned into much more than that, when we realised that we had the potential to create something special. Something we’d be truly proud of.

But we weren’t ready to share our candles with the world just yet. Not before we’d spent 18 months (and thousands of dollars) to produce a single candle (yes, just one candle...) that we were all happy with.

You see, we are complete and utter perfectionists. And just like with everything else we do, our candles would have to adhere to a certain (exceptionally-high) standard.

So we sat in the garage of our parent's Melbourne home each weekend and researched, mixed and concocted different waxes and fragrances, until one day we’d finally come up with our dream candle.

It smelt incredible. It burned like a dream. It was entirely natural and contained no nasties. It was friendly to the environment in every way possible. And most importantly, it was unique. Uniquely Pour Toi.

We then knew that this was too special to keep to ourselves.

To this day, we run Pour Toi as a small family business. Each and every one of our candles is hand-blended, poured, and packaged at our family home in the heart of Melbourne.

This allows us to maintain control over the quality of each item we produce, something we feel strongly about and intend on maintaining long into the future.

After all, we’re not just making “some candles” here, we’re making Pour Toi.

Not Just
"Another Scented Candle”

  • We stand for community

    We feel strongly that business shouldn’t be a one-way street. Through Pour Toi we aspire to build real connections with like-minded individuals in our community, and contribute to their lives through our products and beyond. .

  • We stand for the environment

    As you already know, our candles and diffusers are made from the most natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients, and are produced in the most sustainable way possible. Even our shipping is 100% carbon neutral!

    We’re doing our bit to guarantee our future on this planet, and hope that you will do your bit too by recycling/reusing/repurposing our glass jars, and continuing to support businesses that do good things for the environment. .

  • We stand for YOU

    We chose to name our brand “Pour Toi”, as it is just as much “For You” as it is for us. Just as much as we needed this venture to help us disconnect from our busy everyday lives and reconnect with each other, we want our products to do the same for you. .

    To make this happen, we need you to be honest with us. We want to hear all your feedback (good AND bad!), so that we can create products that are 100% YOU.