Candle Safety Instructions

Please ensure that you read and follow the below instructions before using any of our candles:

  1. Avoid lighting candles in glass jars if the glass is cracked or broken. 
  2. Make sure to only burn candles when fully attended and within your sight. 
  3. Do not light candles near flammable items (such as curtains, house plants, etc.), or on surfaces that aren’t heat resistant. 
  4. Avoid placing a burning candle near a draft or area with lots of air movement. 
  5. Keep lit candles away from children and pets. 
  6. Refrain from moving burning candles around. 
  7. To put out the flame, use a candle snuffer if available, or otherwise blow gently on flame until fully extinguished. Never use water or a lid to extinguish the candle. 
  8. Take care when moving a recently-extinguished candle, if the wax isn’t fully solid and the jar is still hot. 

Candle Care Instructions

Please follow these care tips to get the most out of your Pour Toi candles:

  1. We recommend that you burn your candle for a minimum of 3.5 hours the first time you light it. 
  2. For every subsequent burn, we suggest you burn it for a minimum of one hour and a maximum of 3 hours to prevent tunneling.
  3. Cover your candle whenever it is not in use to prevent dust collection. 
  4. Keep wicks well maintained by trimming them to 0.5cm/5mm when needed, and always keeping them upright. When a candle has multiple wicks, always light them all each time you light the candle. 
  5. Do not introduce foreign objects into the candle, in particular any flammable materials (e.g. matches).
  6. The glass can be cleaned with a dry paper towel. Only do so when the candle isn’t lit and the glass is fully cool. 
  7. When there’s about 10mm of the candle left - it’s time for a new one!

Please note that each candle is unique and different, and as a result may also have a different burning time to other candles. Its longevity may also be affected by the environment in which you’re storing and using it.