Answers To All Your Burning Questions.

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How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Our standard shipping rate is $9.95 or free for any orders over $75.

How Long Does Standard Shipping Take?

All our products are shipped within the next business day, and will take roughly 2-6 days to arrive depending on your location. To get an estimation of how long it will take for you to receive your order, you can use Australia Post Calculatorand use 3000 as the place of origin then enter your postcode to get an estimation.

Do You Ship Outside Of Australia?

Unfortunately we are currently only shipping within Australia, but we have plans to expand and start shipping Internationally in the very near future.

How Can I Track My Order?

Once your order has been placed and confirmed, you will receive email updates. Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email with tracking code which will allow you to get live updates. If you haven’t received your tracking email please contact

Are Pour Toi Fragrances Vegan?

Our candles contain beeswax which for a black or white answer, makes it not vegan, but similar to Avocados, Almonds and Kiwi being pollinated by Bees, beeswax is made naturally during the lifecycle of bees, and doesn’t require the bee to be killed or harvested.

Why Is There Black Residue Inside My Candle?

The black substance inside your candle after being burnt is called soot, it is the result of the wick burning the wax at an uneven rate creating carbon build up within the wick. Our Candles are designed with equal heat dispersion in mind to reduce (if any) black soot during burn. To Ensure your candle burns beautifully and evenly make sure you follow our candle care instructions.

Do I Need To Sign For My Delivery?

We understand that you are a busy bee and can’t always just wait for a parcel to arrive. Our deliveries are authorised to be left at a safe area, if you have any problems or you would like to change that you can leave us a note with your order.

How Long Will A Pour Toi Candle Burn For?

Our current candle range burns for over 40 hours, while some other brands can burn for longer, our candles are designed to burn evenly and disperse the fragrance equally no matter if it is a brand new candle or you are burning the last little bit.

Do I Need To Trim My Candle Wicks?

Yes, as the candle burns and the available wick length increases the flame will grow bigger which burns the candle hotter. We recommend you trim the wick to 5-7mm before you light your candle to get the best experience.

Why Are Some Fragrances Stronger Than Others?

Each fragrance is designed with a mixture of Top, Middle and Base notes, depending on the type of note and the actual fragrance some of them require time to build up and cover the room, while others are more potent scents which can be recognised and enjoyed quicker.

Why Do I Need To Burn My Candle For More Than 1 Hour And Less Than 4?

Burning your candle for less than the recommended time will cause the candle to tunnel which will leave some unused wax and will cause some issues later during burn such as drowning the wick. On the other hand, if you burn your candle for more than 4 hours your candle wick will be bigger and start causing mushrooming due to the build up of the heat. We recommend burning your candle for 3.5 hours at a time.