Why Shop With
Pourt Toi

We’ve already talked about how natural, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable our candles are. We’ve also mentioned how elegant they are and how amazing they smell.

But what we haven’t told you is how truly superior their quality is. So let’s talk some candle facts.

Over 18 Months of
Intensive Testing!

It took us over 18 months of intensive experimentation to come up with a wax formula that we were happy with. This persistence resulted in candles which are different to any other candle we’ve ever used. Here’s why:

Little to No Black Smoke or Soot

No Mushrooming Equal Heat Dispersion

No More Tunneling Burns and Even Melt Pool

Beeswax Formula Reduces PM2.5 Particles*

○ Great Scent Throw Lit or Cold

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Scent Satisfaction Guarantee (Don’t like the way it smells, no problem! Return it for a full refund)

30 Days Free Returns

30 Day Free Returns

30-day Change of Mind Guarantee (Simply changed your mind, all good! Return it to us for a refund - no explanation required*) Learn More